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Industrial PLC Module

  • 40MR-PLC


  • Product description: PLC 40MR(Relay) Single board PLC RS485 RS422 compatible with Mitsubishi PLC FX2N FX1N

40MR( relay output) or 40MT(transistors output) 4AD 2DA PLC

Perfectly compatible with mitsubishi fx2n series PLC
*20 digital inputs, 20 digital output
*with 4AD, 4-channel analog input, 0-10V/4-20MA/E/K/PT100 selectable
*with RS485 interface supports MODBUS RTU/ASCII

*power supply DC24V

*32-bit ARM processor
*Compatible with FX series PLC programming software GX8.52, without conversion and supports most of the instruction
*2 analog outputs
*Configure the RS232 and RS485 communication port

*M8002 and M8003 pulse relays are not supported in PLC, If necessary, please use the rising edge pulse command LDP of M8000 instead.

*download cable use sc11 or usb-sc09-fx(nitwo will offer)

*Programming software: FXGP or FX series PLC programming software versions GX8.52 and below(nitwo will offer)


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