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UartAssist V5.0.10

Uartassist is a powerful serial debugging assistant with strong practicability.

It supports the commonly used 110-115200bps baud rate.

The port number, check bit, data bit and stop bit can be set. It supports both Chinese and English, and automatically selects the system language type according to the operating system environment.

UartAssist uart serial debugging assistant software


1. Green software, only one executable, no installation required.
2. Support both Chinese and English, and automatically select the system language type according to the operating system environment.
3. Support the commonly used 110-115200bps baud rate. Port number, check bit, data bit and stop bit can be set.
4. Automatically detect and enumerate local serial numbers, and support virtual serial ports.
5. Support the setting of subcontracting parameters (maximum packet length and subcontracting time) to prevent data sticking when receiving.
6. It supports ASCII / hex transmission. The data sent and received can be arbitrarily converted between hexadecimal and ASCII codes. It supports sending and displaying Chinese characters.
7. It can automatically send check bits and support multiple check formats, such as checksum, XOR, CRC16, fixed bytes, etc.
8. The transmission content supports escape characters. For example, when the transmission box contains escape characters such as RN, it will be automatically parsed into the corresponding ASCII code for transmission.
9. Support at command to automatically add carriage return and line feed option. When this option is enabled, carriage return and line feed will be automatically completed at the end of the line when sending at designation.
10. The received data can be automatically saved to a file, and two options of data file and log file are supported.
11. Support log receiving mode: automatically display time stamp and other relevant information when receiving content.
12. Support sending at any interval and sending circularly.
13. You can import data from a file for sending.
14. Both ANSI and UTF8 encoding methods are supported for receiving and sending text.
15. Support predefined and stored shortcut commands, and send them by pressing keys or user-defined shortcut keys.
16. It supports pre-defined and stored batch data or instruction sequence, can set the sending delay of each instruction, and can send in batch according to the set order and delay time.
17. Automatically save the historical sending record and call up the historical sending history data.
18. Support background and font customization of interface window.
19. The default content of the sending box can be customized.

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