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More 5G Industrial Application Scenarios

5G technology in the transformation of traditional PLC industry network, optimize the production process, help enterprises reduce cost, improve quality and efficiency, realize the value of green energy-saving development.

5G technology has three advantages: ultra-high rate, ultra-low delay and ultra-high density.

The combination of these advantages and PLC industrial Internet will bring a leap in quality, efficiency and flexibility for enterprises, and accelerate the process of digitalization.

At present, the traditional manufacturing industry is mostly based on the wired network to build a communication system, which easily leads to problems of poor layout adjustability, complex connection and low reusability. The deployment based on flexible production line can flexibly reorganize the whole production line according to the order requirements, so as to maximize the efficiency. This scenario can be used as a reference for multi variety and small batch discrete factories.


"Industrial cultivation of  5G edible fungi" is a typical application of  5G technology to enable smart agriculture. The project solves the problems of a large number of equipment, high cost and slow laying speed of traditional mushroom planting factory. Through  5G + PLC to summarize the data of the whole plant, and through AI big data analysis to summarize the growth process of edible fungi, for continuous optimization of equipment control parameters. The project is conducive to create a closed-loop production environment. Improve the yield of edible fungi and optimize their quality.  5G industrial cultivation of edible fungi started the first shot of  5G technology entering into potential subdivided industries, providing an example for the intelligent and sophisticated development of subdivided industries in the future.

The depth and breadth of 5g and industrial Internet integration application scenarios need to be further expanded. At present, the integration of 5g and industrial Internet is accelerating, and there are excellent application cases. For example, the largest heavy-duty road driverless vehicle put into industrial application by Shanghai Baosteel Co., Ltd. for the first time in China's metallurgical industry, the first 5g + MEC intelligent workshop of Zhejiang Zhengtai Group, etc. these cases generally focus on a specific link of the plant. The integration of 5g and industrial Internet has high knowledge difficulty and professional requirements in production. Most of the existing technologies, products and solutions are aimed at a certain part of the industrial manufacturing process, and a complete industrial ecology has not yet been formed.
The business model of integrated application of 5g and industrial Internet needs to be further explored. Different from the previous 2G / 3G / 4G market model, which is mainly for personal consumption, 80% of 5g application value lies in 2B vertical industry. 5g network construction and operation investment is huge, different services and scenarios on the network bandwidth requirements, network resource consumption are different. At the same time, the one-time investment cost and later use cost of enterprises in the construction of industrial Internet are higher, the capital recovery cycle is longer, and the lack of scientific and reasonable business model will affect the enthusiasm of all parties to participate to a certain extent. No matter for operators, equipment providers or vertical industries, the integrated development of 5g and industrial Internet poses a huge challenge to the entire ecological business model.

In addition, " 5G tower crane remote control" builds a remote operation and control platform through the information exchange of  5G communication field information acquisition system and remote control system, which greatly reduces the safety risk and greatly improves the driver's working environment; " 5G based motion servo control system" solves the problem of frequent movement in the process of motion control by studying the combination of  5G and communication The application of  5G in three-dimensional storage,  5G unmanned driving in steel plant, unattended power distribution station,  5G in municipal long-distance heat supply, MES data acquisition of engine production line based on  5G in automobile industry, monocrystalline silicon production monitoring and other replaceable application scenarios also stand out in many proposals. On the one hand, the application of these scenarios solves the long-standing pain points of users in the industry and accelerates the transformation and upgrading of the industry; on the other hand, these solutions can bring different innovations and attempts to practitioners in the future business, and even directly copy and promote.




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