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NetAssist 5.0.10

NetAssist Network Debugging Assistant is a TCP/IP network debugging tool on the Windows platform that supports application protocols such as UDP/TCP/MQTT

NetAssist Network app for windows

NetAssist Network debugging assistant software for windows


1. Supports both Chinese and English languages, automatically selecting the system language type based on the operating system environment;

2. Supports both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, supports four working modes: UDP, TCP Server, TCP Client, and MQTT Client, and supports multicast/multicast/broadcasting;

3. Supports ASCII/Hex transmission, with data that can be converted between hexadecimal and ASCII codes, and supports sending and displaying Chinese characters;

4. It can automatically send checksums and support multiple checksum formats, such as checksum, XOR, CRC16, fixed byte, etc;

5. Support automatic addition of carriage return and line feed options to AT commands. When this option is enabled, it will automatically complete carriage return and line feed at the end of the line when sending AT specifications;

6. The sent content supports escape characters. For example, when the sending box contains escape characters such as \ r \ n, it will automatically parse into the corresponding ASCII code for sending;

7. Support dynamic script code sending, which can embed C language script code in the sent text data to achieve dynamic data sending;

8. The received data can be automatically saved to a file, and supports two options: data file and log file;

9. Support log receiving mode: Automatically display timestamp and other related information when receiving content;

10. Supports sending at any interval and cyclic sending;

11. Data can be imported from a file for sending;

12. Supports both ANSI and UTF8 encoding methods for receiving and sending text;

13. Support predefined/shortcut commands, which can be sent through custom shortcut keys;

14. Supports predefined and stored batch data or instruction sequences, can set the sending delay for each instruction, and can send in batches in the set order and delay time;

15. Support automatic response function, achieving automatic instruction matching/response by establishing automatic response rules;

16. Automatically save historical sending records, which can be accessed to send historical data;

17. Integrate the Ministry 808 protocol client simulator, supporting JT/T808-2019 and JT/T808-2013 protocols;

18. Integrated Modbus protocol instruction simulator, supporting three protocols: RTU, ASCII, and TCP;

19. Integrate IEEE754 floating-point data format converter;

20. Support customization of the background and font of the interface window;

21. Customizable sending box default content.


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