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Network Wifi Iot Module

  • WiFi Network 16 Relay Board
WiFi Network 16 Relay Board

WiFi Network 16 Relay Board

  • Product description: wifi network 16 relay board for PLC/ smart home

WiFi 16DO Board is professional remote control terminal developed with Hi-Link HLK-RM04 ethernet to serial module. 
it's able to implement the tcp connection through the gateway and establish communication with the remote device, It make the network client and equipment connect directly  on the basis of none modifying the original communication protocol, saving development cycle, improve the user's experience.
WiFi 16DO Board  includes one HLK-RM04 module , one 3db antenna, one RJ45 port. 

Size:  165x165mm 
WIFI Working Mode: AP, Client, Router 
Baud Rate: 115200bps 
Interface: RJ45 or wifi 
Operating Temperature: -10 - 50 centigrade 
Maximum relay power: SPDT Relay 230V 10A(resistive load) 
Supply Voltage: 12~24V 2A 
support IEEE802.11b/g wireless 
Support wireless security WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK/TKIP/AES 
Support AP/STA 
Support TCP Server/TCP Client/UDP Server/UDP Client work mode
Free Android and windows demo software for network ethernet WiFi control: 


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